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Grassroots Opposition To Big Energy – Clean or Dirty

The New York Times is catching up to the grassroots opposition to big energy projects, clean energy or dirty. Today

Obama Worries About Big Turbulence in America’s Clean Energy Sector

Converging trendsĀ  are roiling the clean energy manufacturing and production sectors here in Michigan andĀ  nationally. President Obama knows it

Historic Preservationists Rally To Kill Clean Energy Projects

Add preservationists to the list of American interest groups determined to kill clean energy projects. Preservation Magazine published a good

A Hydrocarbon Boom Unfolds While Northern Michigan Fears The Wind

The history of renewable energy, at least the way many in the environmental community imagined it with the election of

Grassroots Opposition To Wind Energy Receives Scholarly Assessment

Roopali Phadke was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government from 2003 to 2005 when an intensifying civic