July 13, 2024

Obama To Visit Holland, Michigan For Battery Plant Groundbreaking

President Obama will be in Michigan on Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony of a new LG Chem-Compact battery plant, which will make the power sources for the Chevy Volt, expected to be introduced later this year. The plant is one of 17 new manufacturing facilities in Michigan connected to battery production for electric vehicles. On May 26 ModeShift published a full account of the federal and state-financing that leveraged the more than $6 billion total investment that state and federal authorities say will produce 19,000 manufacturing jobs. It’s the clearest example of the potential for new clean energy jobs that’s yet emerged from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Read the Modeshift report here:

Michigan: Where New U.S. Efficiency and Emissions Rules Really Count

— Keith Schneider

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