July 22, 2024

Circle of Blue — At the Frontline of the Global Contest Over Energy, Food, and Water


Pressed by growing demand to cool a proliferation of new coal-fired power plants in Chhattisgarh, India, workers expand and modernize a big water transport canal. Photo/Keith Schneider

TRAVERSE CITY, MI — As we’ve known for years now, the diminishment of the mainstream American media is opening fresh opportunities for more nimble and skilled newsrooms to produce first-rate reporting. Nowhere is that more true than at Circle of Blue, where I serve as senior editor, reporting from across the U.S. and overseas, and helping to guide an extraordinarily talented and committed stable of young journalists, producers, and graphic artists.

My colleague, Circle of Blue’s news desk editor Aubrey Parker, collected all of our online work from 2012. Take a look at the links below. They describe a remarkable story of a 21st century online multi-media newsroom of the future — based in Traverse City and collaborating with prominent think tanks, universities, media partners, and government agencies around the world.

In the realm of global journalism from the frontlines of the confrontation over rising demand for energy and food, and diminishing supplies of fresh water, no news and science organization is producing a stronger, more learned, more probing report. Last summer, Circle of Blue won the $100,000 Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Innovation Award for our distinctive and collaborative international operating system, which produced Circle of Blue’s influential Choke Point: U.S. and Choke Point: China reports.

As a journalist who’s reported on energy, land use, environment, and policy since the late 1970s, and from four continents, the Circle of Blue assignment is rich in every way. I commend and celebrate my colleagues — Co-founders J. Carl and Eileen Ganter, Correspondents Nadya Ivanova, Brett Walton, Codi Yeager-Kozacek, News Editor Aubrey Parker, Web Producer Jordan Bates, Washington Reporter Andrew Maddocks, Wilson Center China Environment Forum Director Jennifer Turner, Photographer Aaron Jaffe, Contributor Jacob Wheeler, and the crew of accomplished interns who spend time with us each year.

— Keith Schneider

2012 Banner Stories

1. Colorado’s San Luis Valley (Drought, US)

2. Colorado’s San Luis Valley + Solar Energy (Drought, US, energy)

3. Obama’s State of the Union + Energy (US, energy, elections)

4. Public Trust & Great Lakes (US, Great Lakes, Water Law)

5. Tar Sands and Great Lakes (energy, US, Great lakes)

6. Obama’s Budget (US, elections)

7. Global Food Markets 1 (US, Argentina, Food, Corn)

8. American Infrastructure (US, infrastructure)

9. Shale in Ohio (US, Energy, Great Lakes)

10. Climate Change + American Infrastructure (climate change, US, infrastructure)

11. NASA Images Groundwater (design, space, water supply)

12. Map: Michigan’s Leaking Gas (design, Michigan, Great Lakes, energy/fuel)

13. Chicago Infrastructure (US, Great Lakes, infrastructure)

14. National Security + Water (US, water security, Africa, Brazil, Middle East, Asia)

15. Clean Energy + Shale in Midwest (US, energy, great lakes)

16. Australia Energy 1 (Australia, energy)

17. Australia Energy 2 (Australia, energy)

18. Australia Energy 3 (Australia, energy)

19. MD Basin Plan (Australia, water supply)

20. Ownership of MO River (US, water law)

21. Western Water Supply Forecast (US, water supply, drought, climate)

22. New Mexico Groundwater (US, water supply, drought, climate, food/farming)

23. Price of Water 2012 (US, pricing)

24. Georgia’s Drought Policy (US, drought)

25. Drought & US Corn/Global Food Markets 3 (US, drought, food)

26. Bulk Water (US, shipping water, water supply)

27. Pushback on Idaho Transport (US, energy, rivers)

28. Philippines Privatization (water supply, Philippines, sanitation,)

29. Global Food Markets 2 (US, food, drought)

30. Colorado Wild Fire (US, drought)

31. Global Gold Rush (pollution)

32. Foreign Land Invesments & Map (US, UK, China, food production)

33. Renewables in US (US, energy)

34. Asian Carp (US, Great Lakes, invasive species)

35. US Drought Monitor (US, drought)

36. US Drought Monitor: Indiana (US, Drought, Great Lakes)

37. Global Food 4: Somalian Refugees (Africa, food, drought)

38. EPA & Sewers (US, infrastructure, pollution)

39. PacInst Book Review (US, supply)

40. Paul Ryan (US, elections)

41. GL Ports & Water Levels (US, climate, Great Lakes, rivers)

42. Clean Water Act 1 (US, pollution, cities)

43. Clean Water Act 2 (US, pollution, food/farming)

44. 2012 Election Guide (US, election)

45. 2012 Election Results (US, election)

46. China Food Production (CPC II, food)

47. Superstorm Sandy (climate, US, election, cities)

48. China Shale Gas (CPC II, energy)

49. Sydney Water Supply (Australia, supply, infrastructure)

50. Energy Policy in Great Lakes (US, Great Lakes, energy)

51. India Food (India, food, drought, climate)

52. UN Security (water supply, policy)

53. Oysters (US, food, drought, rivers)

54. Kansas Food (Us, food, drought, climate)

55. UN Week

56. CPC II intro (CPC II, food, water supply, pollution, energy)

57. What’s Ahead in 2012

Other Stories

1. Ecuador Oil (Ecuador, energy, pollution, water law, indigenous)

2. Keystone XL 1 (US, energy)

3. Desal + Farming (US, drought, desal)

4. Asian Carp 2 (US, Great lakes, invasive species)

5. Solar Energy (US, energy, drought)

6. Global Lakes (pollution, drought)

7. Keystone XL 2 (US, energy)

8. Uranium (pollution, US)

9. CPC update (CPC, supply, energy)

10. Asian Carp 3 (US, Great Lakes, invasive species)

11. Asian Carp 4 (US, Great Lakes, invasive species)

12. India River Linking (India, rivers, supply)

13. Big Apple Projects (US, infrastructure)

14. Food Security in Sahel (Africa, food, drought, climate)

15. Navajo Water Rights (US, indigenous, water law)

16. UN WASH report (sanitation, supply)

17. Peru Mining (water law, Peru, pollution, rivers)

18. OK Water Conservation Goal (US, drought, supply)

19. Syrian Refugees (Middle East, conflict)

20. Global Food 5 (Africa, food/farming, drought)

21. Film Review of Last Call at the Oasis

22. Miss River Dead Zone (US, rivers, pollution, drought)

23. World Water Day

24. UK Drought (UK, drought)

25. USGS + Budget (US, elections)

26. World Food Prize (food)

27. Rio 1 (climate, energy, policy)

28. Rio 2 (climate, energy, policy)

29. Fed Budget (US, election/policy)

30. UN Water Treaty (policy)

31. Freshwater Study (US, drought, rivers)

32. Protesting India River Decision (India, conflict, rivers, supply)

33. China/Netherlands Tidal Power (China, EU, energy)

34. Water + Counterfeit Phones in Kenya (supply, Africa)

35. 2013 Budget (US, election/policy)

36. Oregon Clean Water Trust Fund (US, pollution)

37. US/Mexico river sharing (US, Latin America, rivers, supply, drought)

38. Energy Report + Water (energy, supply)


1. China Hydropower (CPC, energy, rivers)

2. Infrastructure (US, infrastructure)

3. Infrastructure Timeline (US, infrastructure)

4. Iran River Transfers (Middle East, rivers, supply)

5. Map of Aussie Water Use (Australia, supply/use)

6. Water Pricing 2010, 2011, 2012 (US, pricing)

7. Water Pricing 2012 Map (US, pricing)

8. Water Law Pollution (US, water law, pollution)

9. Philippines Privatization (Asia, supply)

10. 2012 Corn Crop (US, drought, food)

11. G20 Renewables (energy)

12. Climate Change + Great Lakes (US, Great Lakes, climate)

13. Georgia Drought Timeline (US, drought, election/policy)

14. Oysters (US, drought, food)

Photo Slideshows

1. Aussie 1 (Australia, energy)

2. Aussie 2 (Australia, energy)

3. Aussie 3 (Australia, energy)

4. Mapping GT Bay (Great Lakes, US)

5. Philippines 1 (Asia, supply, sanitation)

6. Philippines 2 (Asia, supply, sanitation)

7. Great Lakes Good (US, Great Lakes)

8. Great Lakes Bad (US, Great Lakes, pollution)

9. Colorado River Basin (US, rivers, supply, drought)

10. China Grains (CPC, food)

11. Clean Water Act Archives (US, pollution)

12. Video: CPC II (CPC, pollution, supply, food, energy)


1. Ben Braga

2. Subhir (US, energy: tar sands)

3. Pat Mulroy (drought, US, supply)

Design / Our Blogs / In the News

1. Action Figures

2. Water Dash

3. In The Circle

4. Tap

5. Stream

6. Rockefeller Award

7. CPC at Congressional Hearing

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