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A Storied Battle Over North Dakota Oil Pipeline

Heavy snow and winter cold settled this month on thousands of Native Americans and their supporters encamped on Standing Rock

Lower Subansiri Dam, Unfinished and Silent, Could Be Tomb For India’s Giant Hydropower Projects

ITANAGAR, India – With all the immediate distress and hopeful fervor that has greeted Narendra Modi’s new administration, one of

World Water Day Ingredients Need Big Dash of Urgency

From east to west, ever since the world began, there was water. Plentiful. Clean. Always available. None of those descriptions

Panama’s Hydropower Development Defined By Fierce Resistance and Tough Choices

CHANGUINOLA, Panama – Rain clouds regularly settle atop the 1800-meter (5900-foot) summits of the Cordillera de Talamanca, the mountain spine