May 22, 2024

Regina Lopez: Update From The Philippines

Regina Lopez (r) on one of her helicopter tours of Philippine mine sites in May 2017. She held public events at each stop. Photo/Keith Schneider

Gina Lopez, the former Philippines Environment Secretary, sent a message here this week that updates her activities following the Congress decision in May to remove her from office.

“I’m now into this movement called ILOVE: Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economies. The goal is to build the country from the bottom up. I am in the midst of collaborating with 20 million youth as a citizen’s lawsuit is filed against the government. Will send you the details. I’m meeting the student leaders today.”

Gina’s message also included a link to this terrific video by a Dutch filmmaker. It’s quite good.

In the pantheon of courageous public servants I’ve met, Gina Lopez ranks near the top.

— Keith Schneider

2 thoughts on “Regina Lopez: Update From The Philippines

  1. She is stunning. What a Joan of Arc. Hope she can get her country (and all countries) on the right track. When watching this video, I was reminded (as I am by the media many times per day) of the fast-tracking, pervasive transfer of wealth from the citizenry to the 1% that is taking place in our country vis-a-vis health care and tax “reform.”

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