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In Newtown Massacre, the Manifest Danger of Deceit and Delusion

In India, and around the world, people now question the credibility and character of American governance. Photo/Keith Schneider NEW DELHI,

Newtown Massacre Is Part of Global Trend: Protect The Rich, Crush The Children

In Sichuan Province, southwest China, boys leave classrooms at the end of the day in a country where school can

In Obama Election Victory A New Test of “Governmental Progress Of Humanity”

In 2008, on the eve of his election to the presidency, Barack Obama greeted a huge and bouyant crowd in

President Obama’s Hard Victory and Momentous Challenge: “A Country That Moves With Confidence”

Maybe, for just a moment last night, like when the early returns from Virginia put Mitt Romney well ahead of

Election Day 2012 in Benzonia, Michigan

It takes a transcendant candidate — a Bill Clinton, a Ronald Reagan — to beat an incumbent president. Mitt Romney,