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From world’s largest nation, frontline reporting on resource conflicts.

U.S.-China Climate Agreement a Circle of Blue High Point

There’s no pretending that providing secure stores of fresh water, and producing adequate supplies of energy and food is confounding

Earth Pushes Back – Hard

There’s nothing demur about Mother Earth these days. She’s fuming and pushing back hard. Very hard. The Ebola emergency that

BEIGIN 2013: A Conference That Thrilled Students, Stirred Lifelong Friendship

NEW YORK — Five years ago Linda Ragsdale, an artist and mother from Nashville, survived a terrrorist attack in Mumbai,

In China’s Coal Belt, A Refinery Drains Water and Life

Qingwei Sun, former Greenpeace campaigner, and lead author of Thirsty Coal, a two-part report on the rising water demands of

In China, Responding to Water-Energy Choke Point Now a Government Priority

Jennifer Turner (in red), director of the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum, introduces the Water and Energy Team to policy