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Six state Ohio River Valley’s new economy

Along Ohio River, Big Data Lifts Cincinnati

CINCINNATI – This 226-year-old Ohio River city came unglued in early April 2001, when three nights of riots and a

Gabrielle Gray Shifts Over to Weave A New Story in American Bluegrass Music

OWENSBORO, KY — There was a big change today in American bluegrass music here in this Ohio River city, which

Dream Big — Why Ohio River Valley Resurgence is Nationally and Globally Significant

OWENSBORO, KY — More than three years ago, while writing a study that suggested several new 21st century development ideas

Surrounded By Water, Ohio River Valley Experiences Economic Resurgence

OWENSBORO, KY. — Randy Simes, an urban planner in Cincinnati with a keen sense of observation, founded in 2007

Olmsted Locks and Dam, Despite $Billions in Overruns, Keeps Rolling Along

OLMSTED, Ill. –- Engineers constructing the mammoth Olmsted Locks and Dam spent the summer of 2014 lowering colossal concrete blocks