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Water Supply And Reason Are Priorities in New U.S. – China Climate Agreement

NEW DELHI, India — There are nearly 1.3 billion people in this swarming democracy, where over 66 percent of eligible

Earth Pushes Back – Hard

There’s nothing demur about Mother Earth these days. She’s fuming and pushing back hard. Very hard. The Ebola emergency that

Steps To A Safer World

Bloomberg reported today that Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever NV joined 68 other companies in urging world governments to cap

Warnings — They Are So Easy To Ignore

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Reporting on a righteous disaster, one that unfolds in the various stages of direct impact, colossal damage,

Abu Dhabi Slowly Pursues A Water-Conserving, Cleaner Energy Path

ABU DHABI — Just across an expanse of sand and highway, close to this capital city’s airport, lies a collection