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Circle of Blue Honored by Society of Environmental Journalists

Credit: Photo © Matt Black / Circle of Blue Kettleman City resident Maria Salcedo’s ten-month-old daughter, Ashley Alvarez, died from

Circle of Blue is “Changing the Face of Journalism”

Bob Giles, a son of the Midwest, former Pulitzer Prize winning editor at the Akron Beacon Journal, and then again

Daryl Gates’ Command Ends in California

Among the accumulated roles I play is to report and write what the New York Times calls “advances,” short for

New Midwest Online News Entry

John Bebow, an active member of the association of newsies-who-became-public-interest-advocates, sent an interesting item in his weekly email alert about the

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

  As a lifelong member of the tribe of career adventurists it’s time to announce another turn in the journey. I am leaving