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Annals of Excess in China: The $317,000 Wedding Cake

SHENYANG, China — Does excess consumerism represent the measure of a great nation? Or does it portend something darker, a

Energy, Food and Melting Ice

I read with interest the interviews with Bill McKibben and Amory Lovins that Yale Environment 360 posted today and in

Haverford College Friends

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — When Bob O’Connor (far right above) was 18, he lived directly above me in a second-floor dorm

Donald Spitzer, Last Of A Great Cambridge Family, Is Gone

When you ask his friends and family what they most admired about Donald Spitzer, the answers included his quick wit,

Nashville’s City Cafe East; One Fine Lunch Joint

Knocking around Nashville last month dropped me on the doorstep of City Cafe East, one of the finest lunch spots