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This is India — TII

Noh Ka Likai Falls, India’s tallest and most beautiful waterfall, pours off a green and forested limestone cliff and plunges

Shillong Times and its Courageous Editor, Patricia Mukhim, Gain National Hearing On Coal Mine Safety

Patricia Mukhim, editor of the Shillong Times. Photo/Dhruv Malhotra SHILLONG, India — To the best of anyone’s knowledge, and that

Torrent of Water and Big Questions Pour From Matchless Peaks of India’s Himalayan Region

OKUND, UTTARAKHAND, INDIA –¬†We made the crossing at night from Chamoli, reaching this Himalayan foothill town after dark. The innkeeper,

On Water and Energy, India Is Different

A 1,350-megawatt coal-fired power plant under construction in Tilda, near Raipur in Chhattisgarh, is one of more than 100 big