March 3, 2024

Apology: A Little Crash

So just in case you’ve been wondering where I been, you need look no further. I spent Monday night and half of Tuesday in the Munson Hospital ICU recovering from taking a pretty nasty spill — that I do not remember — off my road bike. The details aren’t grim. I apparently hit a patch of sand and went down hard enough for my helmeted head to bounce. A friend and witness who owns a couple of coffee shops in town was in the vicinity and said I never lost consciousness and was apparently moving around. I don’t remember a thing until I woke up in ER near dark and saw my wife and three teenage kids looking at me with that unmistakable mask that kids wear when you’ve given them a good fright. Injuries are a 5-stitch cut over my eye, a mild concussion, and literally four small road rash patches — one on my forehead, an elbow, a knee, and shoulder, all on my right side. My wife has gotten me to promise not to ride for another day or two. I still feel a little woozy, though not bad. If everything is better tomorrow I’ll go back out.

4 thoughts on “Apology: A Little Crash

  1. Ouch. Glad you’re OK. I’d had my own crash (by sadistic pickup truck driver- see link) a few weeks ago but was up and riding again within a week. Enjoy the forced rest in the meantime…

  2. Keith
    Get well soon, and be careful.

    As a long (LONG!) time Motorcycle rider, sometime bicycle rider … one of the rules:

    There are those who have not fallen down, and will
    There are those who have fallen down and will again

    Too busy to blog here, family packed up and out of town, but deep into summer season with all it entails


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