April 21, 2021

North Dakota oil field double-flares

One thought on “North Dakota oil field double-flares

  1. This is staggering, and cautions states, provinces, communities, citizens, and President Obama, to implement commons and public trust principles for the massive amounts and threats to water implied by this neo-fossil fuel age of Amercan energy and economic policy. If we do not carefully declare water a commons and pubic trust, as overarching principle under which private and public decisions and uses of water are made, water will become subordinated, aleinated, and abused, in the same way that such lack of stewardship led to the Deep Horizon explosion in the Gulf and Embridge spill in Michigan. This is especially case for the Great Lakes, sitting in the middle of North America. You’re work ties together the other cycle — energy, fossil fueld, transportation, electricity, consumption, warming and climate change, loss or dislocation of water and hydrological cycle, harm to environment, uses, economy, people. If the water cycle is respected as a whole, understood as the limiting factor, we could actually start making sound decisions in the other cycle of burning, consumption, harm, deferred costs and threats to next generation.

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