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TII: This is India

In Korba, a coal mining town in Chhattisgarh, India the colors and energy of a vital and perplexing nation are

Rice, Wheat, and Water Serve Up Equal Helpings of Punjab’s Wealth and Risk

Haryana, in northeast India, has one of the highest per capita incomes among India’s 28 states. Neighboring Punjab also ranks

Haverford and Shabbat Service in New Delhi

Abigail Wacker, a Fulbright scholar and fellow Haverford alum, class of 2010, with me at the Judah Hyam Shabbat evening

Teeming Life in New Delhi’s Slum Hut Neighborhoods

Bribery, payoffs, cuts of the action, under the table — the steady flow of cash to get things done in

Delhi’s Jews

Next to the Judah Hyam Synagogue, New Delhi’s only Jewish temple, lies an 80-year-old cemetery. Photo/Keith Schneider NEW DELHI —